Let’s spring clean your wardrobe by adding some necessities

It’s officially spring! Even if the weather doesn’t cooperate and there are still thunderstorms and snowstorms intermittent with sunny, warm days our brains and our hearts are wanting to wear lighter, brighter clothes. We want to shed those heavy sweaters, cords and fleece leggings but before you put away everything winter, let’s do some light […]

Black Friday Holiday Help

Black Friday is looming and we know how you love a good deal! That’s why Straighten Up is making irresistible offers just like those on Black Friday for our organizing clients! Magically get everything on your to-do list crossed off so your life is easier and more meaningful this holiday season! Check out these little […]

Little home improvements that make a big difference

Little home improvements that make a big difference in the way you live! Check out this blog to see some unique and different ideas! Click here for interesting ideas! Happy sprucing up!  

Organize and Freshen Up Your Master Bedroom

It’s that time again!  Time to  organize and freshen up your master bedroom! Fall is a great time to think about freshening up and organizing your master bedroom!  Your master bedroom should be a place of calm and meant for relaxation before bed.  Yet I know that many turn the master bedroom into a dumping […]