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The Savvy Strategist

The Savvy Strategist

My name is Kristin Borostyan and I am an unconventional lifestyle organizer and keen strategist.  I didn’t always used to be so organized or so keen!  Of course I still have many moments where my house is messy, I can’t find something I need, I forgot to pick up something at the store or I am overwhelmed by all the things I said yes to. I just want someone to come over to my house and straighten me out!  I am a busy woman just like you!

Yes, I really do have those incredibly exasperating days where I feel like my brain is not working at all so I can empathize with those who need guidance, support and encouragement to get organized because I have been there. Now, my days are so much better, not perfect mind you, but better because I have finally figured out a system that works for me and I replicate it over and over again finding success with organization in many areas of my life.

As a child, I grew up in an unconventional household. My father was a professor so there were papers, books, articles, piles of clothes and other stuff around our small house.  My mom was a full-time working woman who didn’t have time during the week to manage both her career and the home; there just wasn’t enough time in the day to do it all.  We all tried to pitch in and keep the house organized and less messy during the week but our lives were busy back then too!  Every Saturday morning we had a strategy.  My parents would put on some records and then we would frantically clean and organize so we could get on with our weekend plans!  As you can imagine our Saturdays were completely booked!

As a college student and young woman living on my own, I struggled with the daily habits of organization. I felt there should be a system of some sort that I should know about so I would know where my keys were hiding, why my room was filled with piles of clothes and papers and what the best way was to manage my time for studying and work.  I just didn’t know how to make these systems work for me consistently.  I was always trying the latest ‘get organized now’ trick from Cosmo because no one really taught me how to organize for my type of personality and  my strengths.  My family had their music filled Saturday morning method but I didn’t want to wait a week to organize.  I was out of control by then!   I needed to do a little organizing everyday so I would feel more calm and collected, not stressed out and frantic. And believe me, I tried so many methods and bought so many bins, containers, hangers, and the like.  Some would work for a few weeks or months but slowly and surely my disorganization would creep back into my life like a burglar in the night making a cluttered mess of it.

When I became a counselor I saw just how universal this problem was.  Students needed lessons on organization, parents needed talks and hints to help keep themselves and their children organized and teachers need strategies to keep everything running smoothly in their classroom.  

As a busy working mom with 2 active girls I was desperately looking for a solution to these daily struggles of organization both for myself, my family, my friends and those kiddos in my school. But it wasn’t until I left counseling and started my own company that all the pieces finally fell into place for me and I discovered the secret to getting organized and staying organized.

I became passionate about helping women and their families balance their zany, busy, wonderful lives through organization. My life is more balanced now and I feel more relaxed than ever.  Sure, I have those hectic days but this system of organization has changed my life and I will gladly share it with you!   

I am a champion of an organized life and the strategies you will learn will make you more successful at organization than anything else you have tried before.  We will define in your natural tendencies, your personality traits and your desired lifestyle. You will learn that there is not one universal way to organize. In fact, there are 4 types and I call them your BluePrint Organizing Method.

This BluePrint system has helped me be more true to myself, more productive with my daily tasks, allowed me to grow a thriving business while freeing up several hours a week, and saving me money. I am happier because I have finally created the balance I was always looking for between being busy and overwhelmed and being sane.  

My goal for you is to have success with your organization as well.  I will work with you to create exceptional designs and solutions that match your personal style.  You can transform your world with these revolutionary ideas and concepts so you too can balance your life making it easier, more productive and more successful.

Being organized produces a shift in all areas of your life.  You will notice it right away.  Others will also notice it.  

You’ll be more positive, healthier and happier every day.

I motivate my clients to Straighten Up so they can achieve the happy, stress free lifestyle they deserve.

Testimonial from Danielle Forbes owner of PJ’s Classic Homemade Ice Cream and Bon Bons. “Thank God for Kristin and her organization!!! Kristin is to my business as my trainer is to my body! Thanks for helping to keep us in shape!” May 2012

A winner of the Count Me In Business Coaching Program in Los Angeles.

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