Black Friday Holiday Help

Black Friday is looming and we know how you love a good deal!
That’s why Straighten Up is making irresistible offers just like those on Black Friday for our organizing clients!

Magically get everything on your to-do list crossed off so your life is easier and more meaningful this holiday season!

Check out these little Black Friday and Cyber Monday holiday treasures:

Timing is Everything:  1 Hour of Strategic Holiday Planning!  Get your calendar organized and plan out the who, what when and where of the holiday season.  You will coordinate everything all month-long so you are less stressed and on top of your holiday fun!
$50/hour virtual planning session!

Make Me Sparkle:  Look Chic Not Shabby this holiday season with Smart and Foxy Styling.  Busy moms and business women love this package because we organize your closet and then we go shopping to fill in those little cute necessities that make you shine all season long.
Non-holiday Price:  $599  Holiday Special:  $297

Concierge Services:  Busy women and mom’s affordable luxury.  Gift shopping, gift wrap, event planning etc.

No more worry or hassle this holiday season!  Let the holidays be everything you always wanted with Straighten Up services.

Happy Holidays!