It’s About The Kids: Solutions for Divorced Families

Getting divorced is all about the kids!

Do you want your children to struggle or thrive during a divorce?

It all depends on how well you prepare for the dual households!

An organized family performs better!

Getting divorced is never easy but it is hardest on the kids. Their life gets turned upside down and twisted around. They are caught in a world they cannot comprehend. 

They stop functioning, are irritable and hard to talk to.  They are sad and hurting just like you.

As a former counselor, I have seen the battles that families go through during a divorce and I learned first hand what kids need to survive.  My observations led me to create the Dual Family Organizational System and I am here to assist you through this painful transitional phase.

You need a system of organization which brings clarity to the situation so kids get back on their feet and functioning again both at school and at home.  You want to minimize the transitional phase and this system will do that.

Kids learn how to navigate the two households because each home is organized in the same manner and they know what to expect. Having clear guidelines in each home reduces stress and anxiety and allows them to transition to their new home situation sooner.

Children need time to adapt to their new living situation and when you put in structure with love and understanding you give your kids the support they need to stabilize themselves and their new environment so it becomes a natural part of their life. 

This one of kind system is tailored to your family’s needs and you will see results immediately because we have addressed the most stressful part of getting divorced.  Your children will feel safe, secure and more positive about the divorce because they understand how the living situation will work for them.

When divorce happens to your family, I invite you to take the next steps and make it all about the kids.  It’s only about them now.

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