Let’s spring clean your wardrobe by adding some necessities

It’s officially spring! Even if the weather doesn’t cooperate and there are still thunderstorms and snowstorms intermittent with sunny, warm days our brains and our hearts are wanting to wear lighter, brighter clothes.

We want to shed those heavy sweaters, cords and fleece leggings but before you put away everything winter, let’s do some light spring cleaning by adding some things to your wardrobe. It seems counterproductive I know, but sometimes you need to add some things in order to wear what you love this spring.

So let’s look at your spring clothes and see what needs updating and what needs organizing.

Here are my 5 top tips to start the spring cleaning process with your spring wardrobe:
1. Take a look at your spring/summer clothes. Do you have all the hangers or shelves you need to display them? Having the right organizing accessories so you can see all that you have can makes a big impact on what you wear. Look for stackable shelves, skirt hangers that display all the skirts and organize your closet accordingly.





















2. Look over your beloved pieces that you are not wearing and ask why? Do you not have the right top or the right skirt to make a complete outfit? Decide what it is about that piece that you love so much and ask why you aren’t wearing it. Then go out and finish off the piece. Get what you need to make that item something you will wear and wear often. Take it with you when you go shopping so you know exactly what you are looking for. Sometimes, we don’t wear a piece because it needs tailoring or alterations. Go to the tailor and have them fix it so you will wear it!
3. It’s sometimes the little things that make an outfit so wearable. Having a statement necklace, earrings or scarf can make the outfit look so put together. Decide what you need to make your spring outfits sing this spring and then go and get them.








4. Same with shoes. Look over your spring/summer shoes and throw out those that are in disrepair. You know what those look like. Now head out and replace them with shoes that will work with lots of outfits.
5. Ditto with handbags!