Organize and Freshen Up Your Master Bedroom

It’s that time again!  Time to  organize and freshen up your master bedroom!

Fall is a great time to think about freshening up and organizing your master bedroom!  Your master bedroom should be a place of calm and meant for relaxation before bed.  Yet I know that many turn the master bedroom into a dumping ground  It’s the last place people spend time organizing because no one but your or your sweetie really goes in there.  Yet clutter somehow looks more messy in the master bedroom.  Recreate a modified hotel look in your master bedroom by organizing it.  The sterile look of the bedroom would be hard to maintain but the minimalist approach will help you stay organized and relaxed in that space.

Here are 5 simple solutions to organize and freshen up so you love your master bedroom and get a more peaceful sleep tonight:

1.  Survey the room and take out anything that does not belong their.  Remove any office materials like receipts and papers, piles of books, magazines and other non bedroom items.  Everything that is left in the room should be what you need to organize.

2.  Hang up all clothes, put away all shoes and bags and organize your closet while you do this. Change out seasonal clothes and put away summer things you no longer need and store them away.  Pull out things you are not wearing or no longer like and discard or recycle them.  Go through your dresser drawers and create some space by getting rid of things that no longer fit, work for you or are stained or ripped.  Fold everything neatly and use space dividers to keep smaller items like socks and underwear in their place.

3.  Clear off all dresser tops and night stands.  Put makeup, jewelry or other items in containers so they look less cluttered.  (See next section for color scheme).  Night stands or end tables should hold only the bare essentials.  A lamp, a book and pen and paper.  Think minimalist and clean here.  Plug the phone in somewhere else and remove all other clutter.   Consider moving extra books or magazines to another part of the room so they don’t get piled up on your dresser or night stand.

4.  Consider a new color pattern for your duvet or quilt that makes you want to snuggle in during those cool fall nights.  Having the same bedding on your bed can be tiresome and changing it up as the cooler months approach will make it feel inviting.  Use the new color scheme from your bedding to tie in the colors of containers and bins you need to purchase.  When things are color coordinated they look modern and updated.  It also will help you stay organized because you will want maintain the look.

5. Add some new candles,  accessories, light fixtures and hooks or shelves to help you stay organized.  The candles help to create a sense of peace of calm in the room.  Buy a new wall hanging or vase or change out the style of your picture frames.  And a small wooden bowl to catch coins in.  Most people don’t have enough light in their bedroom so consider picking up one or two lamps or change out the lamp shades to freshen up the look of your lamps now.  Add a hook or a shelve to a key area in your bedroom where you find clutter happening to help you hang things up or place items on.

That’s it!  These small changes can add some serenity to your life.  Don’t forget to make the bed everyday to help you stay on the organized path!  Your master bedroom is now refreshed, clean and organized for the fall season!