The Linked In Time Suck

Ok, I have written about this before, but here it is again! I have procrastinated yet another Monday morning and it was Linked In that sucked up time again! Here’s what happened: Sunday night I made a detailed to do list of what I needed to accomplish on Monday morning.  And I really needed to […]

How to organize and design your dream space!

I love it when women hire me for some organizing sessions and then decide they want to revamp and re- design their new space because they got inspired! Here are my best client ideas about how to organize and design your dream space all at the same time: 1. Organize first.  You must go through […]

Making cents of your organization

Making cents of your organization saves you money! I have been organizing busy women  and a few good men for almost 2 years now and my claim to fame is that I find “money” in every person’s house I organize. Finding money in your home is like finding happiness.  I have never had a client […]

A CLEAR path for a better life

This year has been a series of deliberate intentions so I am clear about where my health, business and life are headed.   As I was clearing out some things in my office for tax time a light bulb went off.  I have been clearing a path for myself in order to have a better […]