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There are 3 big college shockers that almost every kid goes through. 

You can probably think a few right off the top of your head!

Your child’s high school life has been managed minute by minute.

They have had support from adults on a daily basis.

 In college they will have 24/7 freedom with no support.

Ask Yourself:

  • How much help, support, and guidance have you bestowed upon him or her over the past 4 years with the pressures and issues of high school and applying to college?
  • How well does your child really manage himself and his time without your interference?
  • Is he or she really prepared for the responsibility that lies ahead and the mind-blowing financial investment you are about to make in them?

 Can Your Child Handle It?

 Your child has a class at 8:00 a.m:

  • How responsible are they for their own schedule and will they get to class on time every day?
  • How will manage all the free time in between classes?

What will they do if their roommate is weird? Your child has to adjust to living with a total stranger or two in a 18×20 room! 

 Hook-ups and Vodka: Is your child able to confidently say, “This scene isn’t for me?”

Will he or she flounder or flunk classes their 1st semester just trying to figure it all out costing you thousands of dollars in lost credits or fees?


These are the questions that keep many parents awake at night.  

It kept me awake when my oldest went off to college!

College has become an institution in our country.  Parents and kids just like you are very busy in high school looking for the right school, with the right blend of academics and social activity, and applying to a smattering of schools across the country hoping to be accepted. Perhaps you are somewhere in the college application cycle so you understand.

The good news is that colleges are accepting students at a higher rate than ever before so most likely your child will go to one of his or her top 3 schools if they are qualified.

The bad news is that they are not prepared.

Yes, you heard that right.  They studied hard, they took very rigorous classes, they wrote stellar essays but the reality is they are prepared for the high school model not the college one.

Think about it.  High school life is managed!  

  • School starts at 7:55 a.m. and ends at 3:05 p.m. You will be notified if they are not present or tardy by text, email, and a phone call
  • Sit in each class for 48 minutes
  • Scramble to get to class within their 5 minute passing period
  • Each lunch in 28 minutes
  • Spend 30-90 minutes in after school activities or volunteering
  • Eat dinner in 15 minutes 
  • Study each night for 2-3 hours
  • Then they get up the next day and are managed all over again~

They are working hard and you know your child is a great kid, you are proud of them, but are they prepared to make good decisions for themselves 24/7?

That is college! And that is big shock!

College is huge transition and in my research as a counselor, with my daughter, her friends, my friends and numerous college personnel across the country we have determined that there are 3 Big College Shockers that you need to know about before you send your child to the big U!  

Most students experience them, even those that seem the most prepared, and are blindsided when they happen to them making recovery difficult and embarrassing.

To help parents and students through this transition (that no one is preparing them for) we have created a comprehensive Parent and Student Webinar Series called the Countdown to College.  We will walk you through the 3 Big College Shockers and what you can do about them in our webinars.  

To learn more about the College Shockers and what you can do to support your child through this transition just enter your information below.  We will send you some information about the shockers and what programs we have to help you avoid them.  

A lot of time, money and energy has gone into the whole college process and you don’t want to see your child fail. You don’t want them coming home after their 1st semester telling you they were unprepared, lost credits or are not going back either.

 That is a tragedy of lost opportunity and money.  

Contact us so we can show you a better way.  We welcome parent inquiries for parents with Sophomore, Junior and Senior students. We have workshops and webinars for each stage of high school.

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