Getting Packed Up and Ready for College

“Mom, where’s my black coat, I need it for school?”

“Dad, I need to buy more outlet strips and extension cords for my dorm room!” 

“Mom, what’s in an emergency kit?”

“Dad, I need $120 to pay for my application and its due right now.”

“Mom, when are we going to buy my dorm room stuff?  We leave in 2 days!”


These are just a small sample of the things it will take to get your child packed up for college.  Have you seen the list yet? It is a 2 page document that is very detailed and very thorough.

It takes time, patience and serious amount of organization to get everything ready to move in.

Don’t give your child a list of things to do before he or she leaves for college and expect that it will get done!

And don’t spend your time doing it yourself or nagging them about all they have to do!

Enjoy your summer and your family time knowing he or she will be packing up everything they need, getting it organized, feeling confident and learning how to manage their time effectively.

 These are the things that hiring a professional organizer from  

Straighten Up will do for you!

The Ultimate Pack Up is here to Save Your Sanity


3 Big Advantages of the Ultimate Pack Up:

1. Pack up the necessary items for college from clothes, to personal items, to computers and printers and the containers to everything in. We teach them how to organize for their personality and what organizational accessories will best suit them in their dorm room.

2. Identify your child’s learning style and personality traits and determine how those will be an asset when studying and advocating for him/herself .  We work on time management and calendaring skills and discuss the importance of advocacy and self-reliance in an academic and college dorm environment.

3.  Parents and students will actually have less stress during this process because a professional is handling the details leaving them to enjoy more family time before heading off to college.  Preparation+Organization= One happy family!

The Ultimate Pack Up makes a fantastic graduation gift!  Packages and pricing available upon request!

Sign up for the Ultimate Pack Up immediately!  The Ultimate Pack Up will sell out quickly so do not hesitate.  You will be so glad you did!