The Secret Success of the Advantage College Prep Workshop

  • Excited to head off to college?
  • Tired of the nagging from your parents and can’t wait to have 24/7 freedom?
  • A little worried about how the whole roommate situation and how you will live with a complete stranger?
  • A little scared about making friends and joining the right activities and clubs?
  • Feeling overwhelmed by the whole process but don’t want to let on?

These are all normal things to be anxious about but you should be thinking about how you will handle these things because colleges are wondering too.

The secret success of the Advantage Workshop is that you will know what colleges are expecting of you.  They hope you are mature enough to handle the 24/7 freedom!  

Colleges expect you to:

  • Manage your time effectively
  • Deal with conflict appropriately
  • Advocate for yourself
  • Take care of yourself and be self-reliant
  • Manage your finances
  • Seek out appropriate support resources
  • Set academic, personal, fitness and social goals
  • Find activities and outlets that connect you to the college
  • Be prepared for the academic rigor they offer
  • Mature into an adult learner

Being a college student requires you to handle the many challenges that you have never faced before and they expect that you will do them with little or no preparation.

Students who have skills in time management, self management, self-reliance, conflict management and know their learning style and are organized according are more successful than those who are unprepared.  Colleges know this and now you know this too!

Fortunately for you, all of these stellar skills are taught in The Advantage College Prep Workshop!

This is the secret success of the Advantage College Prep Workshop.

The Advantage teaches you to be mentally prepared to cope with this transition.  We tell you why students don’t succeed and how you can avoid the traps.  Students who take the Advantage workshop maintain about a B average in college. They did not fall prey to the pitfalls of college life and were able to develop strategies, skills and confidence that gave them the competitive edge.                                 

The Advantage Workshop teaches:

  • Personal Management Skills: Skills for taking care of oneself including doing laundry, buying books and supplies, making appointments, budgeting money, and more.
  • Time Management Skills: Budget time during the week for studying, social activities and exercise.
  • Color Coded Calendaring System: Use a color coded schedule and a backward calendar design for budgeting study time and social time.
  • Good Study Habits: Identify what constitutes good study habits and how to implement them for your learning style
  • College resources: Identify all the campus resources prior to attending including academic, social, and athletic facilities
  • Accountability: Lessons on how to be accountable and responsible
  • Transition: Make the transition easier and more enriching the 1st  semester
  • Advocacy: How to ask for help, negotiate room-mate issues, and using appropriate resources on campus

Being prepared for the transition to college will ease your stress and increase your success guaranteed!

Email for workshop dates near you! Inquire about a private workshop with just your friends at your home.  Either way, don’t drown your first semester in college by not knowing what to expect.  Know what to expect and use it to your advantage!

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