The Stiletto Advantage: Empowering girls on campuses with skills

DSC01186The Stiletto Advantage was created to prepare and empower girls on college campuses by being academically prepared, emotionally prepared, and physically prepared for their new environment.

Obviously, it’s for girls only!

We take the all the content from The Advantage Workshop and then take it up a notch and teach powerful self-defense moves and self-empowerment strategies that keep girls safe on college campuses.

The Stiletto Advantage teaches:

  • Awareness of new environment
  • How to build confidence and trust your intuition
  • How to deal with unwanted advances
  • Easy to use self-defense and safety strategies
  • Safety tips for campus life
  • Saying “NO” effectively

Wear your Stilettos to this workshop and

learn the ABC’s of keeping yourself safe!

Boost your confidence and empower yourself. Contact us today and prepare for the biggest transition of your life! 

Inquire about our private workshops with your friends in your home.

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