Testimonials from clients of Straighten Up:

Organize to Succeed

A fabulous story of a college student and her mom on the transition to college:

“Since Emma has left there have been times that I have wanted to slip into the parent role control how I want it to be. But having taken your workshop, I try to utilize the tools I was given by you and in our conversation to help me guide Emma into making her own choices. You have very much become a fantastic resource for me to rely on.

 Everything is going well here and for Emma. Your advice has been invaluable to both of us. For me it has helped me respond to her in a different way and allowed is to transition from child/parent to young adult/parent. We still have our moments but for the most part it’s really great.  I had a talk with her Sunday about her study habits, organization, and involvement at school making the suggestion that she look at how things are going at USC now.

Emma’s roommate situation is going well too. All the girls in the suite get along really well and it’s really nice. She is discussing rooming with three of them next year. Three of the girls are coming to have thanksgiving with my family since they are from India and Taiwan. This will be there first time indulging in our traditions. Then Friday I will take them all shopping and to a movie. 
As far as empty nest, since the day Emma left I started needle pointing pillows she found while we were in Europe. I have COMPLETED four and am on my fifth since the end of August. It’s insane how much I enjoy just sitting there creating. I am also reading, going out with friends and more. I really have had it fairly easy since Emma has stayed connected calling, texting and just generally letting me know that all the things I taught her growing up are being utilized. She is a remarkable young lady and I am a lucky mom.”
Mom who took the Countdown to College Workshop:  Carol S. Nov. 2013



“I hired a professional organizer because I was feeling overwhelmed with all the things on my plate (stay-at-home-mom to two young children, keeping up with the housekeeping, bookkeeping for my husband’s business, plus starting my own business endeavor) and figured if I could at least get my apartment in order, that would help me feel a little more at ease.  Now that I am getting my place organized, I definitely feel I have some order, in an otherwise pretty chaotic life.  Kristin helped me see the potential to use space I hadn’t thought of using or using it differently than I had been using it.  She got me thinking of different ways to organize and even helped me create an “adult space” in my living room, which had been overrun with kid stuff.  I really think that I look at ways to organize differently, with more of an open mind.  I am considering hiring Kristin again to help me get my schedule in order, so that I’m sure to be able to keep up with all that I have going on.  I would definitely recommend Kristin for all of your organizing needs….whether it’s organizing your space or your schedule!!!  She really was a joy to work with!!! ”  Shannon Hershfield  Stella and Dot Representative  Sept. 2013


Listen to Christina from the Stiletto Advantage

Listen to Emma from the Stiletto Advantage

Listen to Terri Patterson on You Tube recommending Saving Your Sanity.

 Pamper and Play Los Angeles

“I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to describe what Kristin has done for me and for my business. The closest I could come was this: She is So Cal’s Tabatha! When Kristin came in to my business, I thought she was going to help me figure out how to organize my space. When she had left, she had accomplished so much more! In addition to helping me organize  our work area for greater efficiency, she helped me clarify the roles of my staff members. She helped me facilitate staff meetings to improve communication. She helped me figure out ways to work harder and smarter. My business is centered around moms and toddlers so her expertise has been invaluable in helping us get and keep new clients. She even recommended the best safe and eco-friendly cleaning products to use around our precious clientele! She even had me review the mission statement that I had written for my business plan and we figured out what was and was not working to help me achieve those goals. If you want to makeover your business or your life, Kristin is definitely the way to go!”

Carol Cablk @Pamperplay.com July 2013


 “Kristin is wonderful! I just moved to this area and my office furniture did not fit in my tiny space at all. Kristin was able to work out all details for me, including organizing, taking care of the old furniture and ordering a custom desk. She stayed until the job was done, putting everything back together and was really a god-send for me. She is professional and pleasant and I would hire her again in a minute.” 
Service Category: Business Consultant 
Year first hired: 2013 
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

Alice  Spring 2013


Organizing a home!

” I feel much, much, much better- released. 🙂   I do feel released. Holding on to stuff is like being a prisoner. Haha! Great successful Saturday. We accomplished all I had hoped to complete. Your guidance and action items are just what I needed and will continue moving toward the next phases. Love it!!”  Lisa D.  Santa Monica, April 6,2013

Helping a Mom get a handle on her clutter!

“He said between that (organizing of the closets) and the changes to the living room, we never have to move!  He really liked it!”From a very grateful husband whose wife I worked with in March 2013

With 3 young children, homework, sports, activities, and a part-time job of my own, I felt completely disorganized.  I knew I needed to streamline and make our small living space more functional, but was too overwhelmed to know where to start.  I first met with Kristin and gave her ideas of what I was looking for, and in turn she gave me ideas for what solutions could transform my space into a neat, organized, functional place to be.  Working with her so far to find new storage solutions has been a pleasure. I would definitely recommend her services. I look forward to seeing what the final result will be! Stephanie, Redondo Beach, CA  February 2013

Organizing a small apartment for a mom with a jewelry business.

I am a very organized person and never thought I would need any help in that department.  Then I moved my family (and home based business) from a 2500 square foot house to an 850 square foot apartment with no garage! I hired Kristin from Straighten Up to come in and give some tips, unsure if there was anything more I could do. The results were amazing! She had so many fresh ideas that I hadn’t thought of and we immediately shifted some furniture that balanced my crowded office/master bedroom in such a wonderful way.  I am still working to implement her great suggestions.  I highly recommend Straighten Up!  Our apartment feels so much better now! Sarah Jane Nelson, Los Angeles- Life is Rosy http://www.etsy.com/shop/lifeisrosey

Organizing a mom and business owner in LA

Among many other projects, I needed to get my home organized for back to school for my 4 and 6 year old. I knew I needed help and Kristin Borostyan’s  services FAR exceeded my expectations. Kristin swept in like Mary Poppins, gung ho and super friendly and ready to get down and dirty and she provided me with a wide array of solutions for organizing my home while also beautifying it. Not only did she provide ideas and resources, through her hands on approach and practical tips she  taught me a new way of thinking about my home and organization and provided me with new skills that I have even applied to additional projects. I also attended a workshop she held at Pamper Play in West LA on back to school readiness tips which was even more helpful and informative. As I go about my day, whether in my home, office, or other spaces, the lessons I learned from Kristin have truly helped me to Straighten Up and get closer to the success I achieve for in my life. I will hire her again and again and have referred her to many. Thank you Kristin! Mary C., Los Angeles

A Mom who took the Saving Your Sanity Workshop and then sent her son and

his friends to the Advantage College Prep Workshop

What a find! Kristin’s “Saving Your Sanity” workshop was extremely helpful for reducing anxiety when your new high school graduate is about to go off to college.  She packs 1-2 hours with issues and tips to be aware of in spending your last summer with your soon to be college student.  Bringing up things to think about, she doesn’t leave you with fears, but rather a better feeling of what to expect and how to ease this transition for both parent and “child”.  She runs a student workshop as well, and I was so interested in sending my son, that I offered to send him with a couple of friends.  (18 year-old boys don’t really need to learn anything, they know, right??) So he and a couple of friends joined her “Countdown to College” student workshop, and all three of them got a lot of out it.  When I went after it ended to pay for the three, 2 of the boys stayed, continuing to talk to her…they just didn’t want to leave!  That’s the kind rapport she has with both parents and students alike.  So glad she recognized this need to help in such a huge transition! 

Karen M,  Manhattan Beach

Countdown to College Workshop

Countdown to College Workshop

 Creating Calm in a Busy Hair Salon

I am sooooo excited to finally be organized!!! Kristin did an amazing job leading me though my YES 5 ROOMS of junk in my hair salon!! These rooms can be making me money but instead they are just sitting there collecting dust, piling up with stuff not properly being stored and giving me anxiety! I recommend Kristin for her amazing passion of helping people get organized physically so they can succeed. When I heard of Straighten up I thought ooo yes that would be nice and then proceeded to procrastinate which is exactly how I got in this mess in the first place until Kristin took the time out for me spontaneously and we hacked it out in one night! Turns out I did not even need to buy one storage container! I already had all of the storage stuff and now I actually have open shelving left over for future organization!!

When I came into work today I felt a tremendous weight lifted off my shoulders and was really able to enjoy my clients and staff. I had a more creative and organized way to plan my day as well. All of my staff respected my space and cleaned up after themselves too! So that just made a much more positive air in the salon too. So whatever you need organized in your life from your work to your home there is no question on how much stress is relieved when everything is kept clean!

I highly highly recommend this girl she works wonders and makes it a really fun time!!

Danielle H: Parlour Salon, Redondo Beach http://www.theparlourhairsalon.com/

High school girls get Straightened Up

My teenage  daughter’s room needed to be organized and “updated.”  Once we got started, I knew it was a bigger job than I had anticipated and I was glad I had hired a professional.   During her consultation, Kristin gave me a definite vision for what would work for the space and made some great recommendations.  She asked many questions, making it feel like the project was designed for me.  The result was an organized closet and bedroom.  Additionally, she consulted with me on my office space and helped create a more productive office that works for us.  I highly recommend Kristin.  Her service had great value for us and she was personable, fun, and professional.  We have an awesome finished product!” Lori Richard, Lori Richard State Farm Insurance 222 Avenida del Norte #202 Redondo Beachhttp://www.statefarm.com/agent/US/CA/Redondo-Beach/Lori-Richard-JB0W161LVAL

Organized a small apartment for some breathing room.

“I hired Kristin to help me get organized. My closet and papers/filing were out of control after years of neglect – I just never carve out the time to organize. Kristin very quickly helped me get both jobs in order. She is super professional, personable, but doesn’t sit and chit chat, she gets down to business. I am now enjoying clothes I forgot about and my filing is in perfect order! I am really happy a friend referred me to her and I will hire her again in a minute as needs come up in my home.”  Kathy A. Manhattan Beach
Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity
The Before:
The After:
Color coded by size and shape and by season! Hang up purses to save space.
We used a 2/1/2/1 hook configuration on the door which allowed maximum surface usage.